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     The following is intended to provide basic information, which you should know, in connection with our participation in the Prince-Mont Swim League this summer. Our meets will be very competitive and victory will not be assured, particularly, if we do not have the maximum participation of parents and swimmers each weekend. We are, therefore, requesting that each family do their best to attend each meet and regularly consult the Prince-Mont League Handbook (to be received after the Prince-Mont clinic). We will try to make a copy available to each participating family. There are a very limited number of books given to each team. See Michelle Jordan to obtain a copy, if anymore are available. The first five meets are dual meets.

--Poor Weather Conditions
     Prince-Mont meets have a tradition of going on in almost any weather. Meets will normally be swum even if it is unseasonably cool or raining. Meets will normally only be delayed if there is an electrical storm in the area. Please do not assume the meet will be canceled if the weather is poor.

--Team Competitions
     Only those swimmers who are on the Theresa Banks Swim Team roster can compete. You must complete a registration form for the 2005 season in order to be placed on the roster. Swimmers may compete in up to three individual events per meet. Please remember that these are scored meets, therefore, swimmers may be assigned to swim particular events in order to maximize the number of points that the team can score. Similarly, if there is a shortage of older swimmers, a swimmer may be asked to swim in an older age group. These assignments are made for the overall good of the team, therefore, we request your cooperation and support if this occurs.

--Team Suits
     If you do not have on a team suit for a swim meet, you will not be allowed to swim that meet. Team suits can be purchased from Underwater Wear, LLC. Please call (301) 527-8326, tell them you are with the Theresa Banks Swim Club, the gender and size suit that you need. Also specify if you are getting the Speedo Aquablade knee suit for the girls. They will see that you receive your suit promptly. The cost for the female suit is $40.00. The cost for the male suit is $29.00. Team caps are available from Michelle Jordan for the cost of $20.00.

     Practice times will be 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In order to get the most out of the team experience, it is required that you make at least three (3) practices per week. Please do not wear your team suit or team cap to practice. Please purchase practice suits and caps for practice purposes. Information changes frequently during the summer, so please be sure to check the bulletin boards of either pool.

     We expect to be a relatively small team therefore we will need almost everyone participating each week. The team must submit, prior to each meet, the names and events for each swimmer. If you cannot attend a meet, please let the coach know no later than the Wednesday preceding the meet. If you are scheduled to be there, please be there. Your team members are counting on you.

     The meets always conclude with three relay events. Based on this, we ask that all swimmers remain until the relays are concluded. Remember that a relay team cannot swim if only 3 of the 4 swimmers are available.

     The responsibility for officiating these meets is divided equally between the home and the visiting teams. We will need approximately 40 officials per meet. This will require the regular participation of the parents whose children compete in the meets. Timers can be trained immediately prior to the meet. However, other positions require attendance at an officials clinic prior to the start of the season. The officials needed from each club for each meet are: Referee or Starter, Head Timer or Head Judge, Clerk of Course or Assistant Clerk of Course, Stroke and Turn (2), Place Judge, Team Representative, Announcer, Timers (9), Ribbon Writer or Assistant Ribbon Writer, and Scorer. Also, when we are the hosts, we will need parents to operate the concession stand, set-up the facility, and clean-up at the end. As you can see from the lineup, parent participation throughout the summer is essential. Please sign up on the OFFICIALS ROSTER so that we know each position is accounted for.
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