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Code of Conduct
Wherever we go as a team, whether practice or competition, your behavior is our greatest spokesperson. All of you should try at all times to display behavior beyond reproach and conduct yourselves in a manner that brings the best possible light to you and the team. The following guidelines for behavior should provide swimmers with the type of behavior expected of them:

At All Times:
      •No illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco are to be consumed by any TBSC swimmer.
      •The use of profanity is strictly forbidden.
      •Treat all others with respect. This means your teammates, coaches, officials, pool staff, parents, swimmers and coaches of other teams.
      •Demonstrate good sportsmanship. Congratulate others when they perform well. Do not act poorly when you are unhappy with your
       performance. Be gracious when you win.
      •Remain in the water until the last swimmer has completed the race in your heat.
      •Treat all facilities we use with the utmost respect. Put equipment you use back in place neatly. Use the equipment for its intended use
       only. Turn off the showers when you are finished with them. Treat the locker rooms with respect - remember that others use them too!
      •There is to be no running or horseplay at any swim facilities.

During Practices:
      •No swimmer will be allowed in the pool after 30 minutes into practice session unless prior arrangements were discussed with his/her main
      •Swimmers shall remain until the end of practice unless prior arrangements were discussed by a parent/guardian for early dismissal.
      •The coaches will be responsible for conducting training sessions and each swimmer must conform to the rules and regulations set by
      •Failure to obey the coaching staff will result in disciplinary action and a conference with your parent.
      •Continued abuse of expectations, rules and regulations will result in temporary or permanent suspension from the team.

During Swim Meets:
      •All swimmers must remain until the end of the meet unless cleared with the coaches during swim meets. (Coaches may need swimmers to

Your failure to adhere to the code of conduct established will result in your immediate removal from the team!
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