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Each swim meet requires approximately 40 officials. It is very important for parents to volunteer to help on the deck so that the meet can be run efficiently.

The following job descriptions are very simplified. If you wish to read the entire description, please see the PMSL Handbook.

(H = Home meets, A = Away meets)

The Announcer notifies the swimmers when to report to the Clerk of Course and announces the score at intervals during the meet. (H)

The Concessionaire is responsible for the setting up and sales of a proper concessions stand for the purpose of selling snacks, drinks, etc., at an allotted area of concessions during the meet. We need at least two for each meet. Donations are made by all parents. (H)

Raffle Ticket Seller
Sells raffle tickets for team fundraiser.

Clerk of Course
The Clerk of Course is responsible for lane assignments and checks in the swimmers before their events. We need at least two for each meet. (H&A)

Head Judge
The Head Judge sorts the cards from each event into proper order of finish, attaches disqualification slips, and turns them over to the Head Scorer. (A)

Head Timer
The head timer times each event in order to substitute for a Timer and instructs the timers to clear their watches after each event. The Head Timer also collects the cards after the times have been recorded and gives them to the Head Judge. (H)

Hy-Tek Operator/Scorer
The Hy-Tek operator shall enter the times in all events for all swimmers as determined by the Head Judge and Head Timer and shall note all disqualifications. The operator compiles and prints the team scores and provides the results to the Host Team Data Manager. (H&A)

Meet Manager
The Meet Manager ensures that the pool area is set up for the meet. The Meet Manager contacts the meet manager from the opposing team to arrange for number of heats to be swum for each event, agree upon the officials and agree upon a start time. The Meet Manager also brings the team's watches and extra starting equipment to away meets. (H&A)

The referee has full authority over all officials and shall enforce the rules and decisions of PMSL. (H) Ribbon Writers The Ribbon Writers prepare ribbons for each swimmer and record the name, finish time and teams. (H&A)

The Runner assists the Head Timer by taking the cards after each race to the Head Judge. The Runner also collects the cards from the swimmers for the 25 meter events and gives them to the Head Timer or Head Judge. (H&A)

The Starter announces the heat number, the distance to be swum, the stroke and the number of lengths. He/she then instructs the swimmers to "take your mark" and activates the starter to sound the start of the race. The Starter also judges whether a false start has taken place. (A)

Stroke and Turn
The Stroke and Turn Judges shall be familiar with the USA Swimming rules governing proper strokes, turns and touches for each stroke. Judges will fill out disqualification slips for any infraction and give them to the Referee. (H&A)

Sweep Judge
The Sweep Judge indicates first and second place finishers. (H&A)

Team Representative
The Team Rep is responsible for the conduct of the team and acts as the liaison between the coach and the Referee. The Team Rep also consults with the Referee on any questions pertaining to League Rules, conduct of the meet, or decisions of any official. The Team Rep is responsible for any protests involving turns, strokes and other technicalities. (H&A)

The Timers start their watches at the same time as the flash on the starting device and stops their watch when the swimmer touches the wall. If the watch does not work, the timer raises their hand and the Head Timer will assist them. (H&A)
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