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Q: Do we practice in the rain? Even in heavy rain?
This question always ranks number one and the answer is YES! Rain is water and when you’re swimming, you are in the water anyway, so wet is wet – right? The only ones who get "rain wet" during rainy practices are the coaches. Parents usually seek cover. The only time a practice is called on account of rain is during a thunderstorm.

This also means that meets, too, are held in the rain. And they have been during some pretty rainy days. In these situations everyone gets wet, except the chickens.

Q: What if my child cannot make a meet?
If your child cannot make a meet, please notify the coaches as soon as possible, particularly if they are already scheduled to swim. Please notify the coaches also, if for some reason your child will be late to a meet.

Q: What should the swimmers eat before and during a meet -- what should they avoid?
Your swimmer should eat foods rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are classified into starches, which are found mainly in grains, legumes (beans), and tubers (potatoes); and sugars, which are found in plants and fruits. The carbohydrates containing the most nutrients are found in unrefined grains, tubers, vegetables, and fruit, which also provide protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Carbohydrates are burned during metabolism to produce energy.

Avoid foods made from refined sugar, such as candy and soft drinks, which are high in calories but low in nutrients and fill the body with what nutritionists call empty calories.

Before a meet, eat a light breakfast such as cereal, toast or fruits, enough to give you some energy, but not so much that you feel too "full" to swim. During the meet you may also want to snack on fruits or foods containing grains to sustain your energy.

And...drink plenty of water! It gets pretty hot on that pool deck between events. Also stay in the shade and wear sunscreen.

Q: What should swimmers keep in their swim bags?
Their bathing suit, towel and goggles are essential. At least two pair of goggles is highly recommended. Many times goggle straps or nosepieces break during meets. Not to mention that they also get misplaced.

For girls especially, swim caps are essential to keeping their hair under control. The rubber caps will also help to keep your head warm and lessen heat loss.

Since summer can be chilly, especially after getting out of a cold pool, sweat pants, sweat shirt or T-shirts are also good items to pack. Maybe a hat. Sun Screen!

Healthful snacks, water, and boredom busters to pass the time between events are also good to have in your swim bag.

Q: Is swimmer's ear common?
Swimmer's ear is very common but can be prevented. Up to 10 percent of people develop external otitis during their lifetime.

Q: How can swimmer's ear be prevented?
Swimmer's ear is caused by water remaining in the ear canal for a long period of time; that is, several hours or more. To prevent swimmer's ear the water must not be allowed to remain in the ear canal after swimming.

Most often the water will run out on its own or can be coaxed out by leaning to the side, thumping the head, hopping on one foot, and the like. Also, pure alcohol (not rubbing alcohol, which is 30 percent water) can be dropped into the ear after swimming and then allowed to run out. This removes the bulk of the water. The remaining alcohol evaporates quickly from the ear canal, leaving no retained liquid.
A commercial product known as "Swim Ear" is available and serves the same purpose. Ear plugs are not recommended for the prevention of swimmer's ear in that the repeated insertion of the plug often produces small scratches, which become easily infected. Ear doctors only recommend ear plugs for swimming in those patients where a tube has been placed into the eardrum or the eardrum is perforated.
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